Hi, I’m Holly.


I'm an experienced communicator with a track record of success of marketing in higher education, and I’ve also dipped my toe in agency life and the startup world.

I have extensive experience in email marketing, content marketing, and social media marketing—but I thrive when I get to step back, think strategically, and collaborate with other high performers to put together exciting plans and projects.

I’ve got a keen attention to detail and an eye for audience engagement. I'm currently pursuing my master's in Integrated Marketing Communications from Medill, which helps me blend my passion for the art of storytelling with the science of insight that's crucial in today's marketing world.


As a marketing professional, I’m…

…as good with details as I am with strategy.

My ability to zoom in and zoom out keeps me situationally aware when I’m in the weeds, and tactically informed when I’m at a bird’s-eye level.

…self-sufficient but highly collaborative.

Could I execute much of my job alone through a computer screen? Technically, sure. But my most rewarding (and fun!) projects are those that have involved actively collaborating with colleagues from different teams and functions.

…constantly learning and highly adaptable.

I taught myself Illustrator when our designer left. I’m pursuing my master’s in integrated marketing communications. (I took a calligraphy class on a recent Saturday!) I know that our industry is constantly evolving, so I am too.

My resume reflects this. I’ve never said “sorry, that’s not really in my wheelhouse”—I just make my wheelhouse bigger. As a result, I was promoted within a year and made a manager a year thereafter. My “duties as assigned,” like editing a strategic plan and helping one of our teams clarify their mission/vision/goals in order to overhaul their messaging, are some of my proudest accomplishments.