Going from here

Many have shared Thoughts and Feelings this week, some of which I echo. I tend to pass the mic during times like this—partly because I’m still processing, but partly because however I feel and whatever I could say is almost certainly better articulated by someone else. It’s been really moving and important to see the declarations of solidarity this week, but I hope we all take time to listen to and amplify marginalized voices, too. 

I do want to say this, though: I’ve had this cross-stitch sitting on my desk for two years. Sitting, patiently waiting. I nearly snapped a photo of it on Tuesday, but I woke up with a feeling in the pit of my stomach on Sunday morning (call it the Brexit Bug, maybe) that held me back. But I’m sharing it now because I still believe it’s true. Hillary's election was serendipitously timed in my life as I hit my stride professionally and continue to find my footing personally.

She is not the leader of the free world, but to me, she symbolizes strength, dignity, commitment, and tenacity—traits that I try to possess as I try to run my own little corner of the world, and traits that I want to keep in perspective as I convert my disappointment into action after this mess is over.